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All of our products are small batched and handcrafted. At All-Sum Foods we only use the best ingredients, no 2nds or packer products. Our line of salsas include Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot and our best seller Pineapple. Our Mild salsa is simple but full of flavor while our Medium has a touch of enjoyable heat. Next in line is our Hot with enough heat to tingle your tounge but making you want some more. Have something cool and refreshing for the Extra Hot. It is a step up from our Hot but nothing unbearable. Last but not least is our PINEAPPLE salsa. It is a very sweet and savory salsa. Great over cream cheese or grilled chicken. 

The newest addition to our portfolio is Rouge On The Rocks Bloody Mary Mix. Made with 100% Tomato juice. No water or fillers in our mix. This hearty mix will make your taste buds dance for more!  With everything proportioned just right, all you have to do is fill a glass with ice, pour your favorite additive, add mix and garnish.  Also, try it with beer for the perfect Michelada!!

Our Story


All-Sum Foods is a family owned and operated business. It all started with an abundance of ingredients in our family garden one year. My wife asked me to make her some salsa and our journey began. After many trials with our Mild salsa, we started playing around with different levels of heat, hence came the full line. A friend requested us to make her some pineapple salsa and within a few weeks it was our top seller!! A local distillery here in East Tennessee was looking for a great Bloody Mary mix and since we had plenty of tomato juice we took on the challenge. 

Our Mission


Our mission at All-Sum Foods is to provide a fresh all natural product with no preservatives. You the customer is our number one priority. “ If the customer is not happy, we are not happy.”  Please feel free to let us know any questions or concerns you may have. 


Jeff & Tammy, Nashville TN


"After tasting the salsa first time we are hooked, no more name brand in our home."

John Doe, Ohio


"I am not usually the type to get excited about things like this, but I cannot get over how good this is. I'm hooked!"

Jake Doe, California


"I used the mass-market version of this product for years, but the flavors that are available here made it an easy choice to buy here instead. I love the variety!"

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